André Marques Sexteto


André Marques Sexteto intends to bring the best of Brazilian jazz music.

Brazil is one of the most important countries in the world when it comes to music. No other country has such a wide variation of musical styles, inherited from folklore, that leave their culture so beautiful and unique.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population today is not aware of this. It has been increasingly massacred by mass-media outlets, which only aim for profit, bringing a very large and shameful poverty to our musical culture. Not to mention the great influence of other countries, bringing a decharacterization to our music.

André Marques comes from the beginning of his professional career, in 1994, struggling with the main objective of showing Brazilian music.

Through works like Hermeto Pascoal and group, Trio Curupira and Vintena Brasileira, André did a great research by all the regions of Brazil and began to create his music from the Brazilian rhythms, thus divulging them. In his music you can find: catira, frevo, ciranda, toada, baião, jongo, chamamé, maracatu, maxixe, caboclinho, bumba-meu-boi, xaxado, samba, congada, reisado, guarânia, chacarera, among other Brazilian rhythms .

This sextet formation (piano, bass, drums, guitar, trumpet and trombone), already worked by several musical groups, is treated here in a different way. Usually the wind instruments have melodic function while the piano and the guitar, harmonic function. In André Marques Sexteto, in most of the arrangements, these functions are reversed.

With this new work André has already played throughout Brazil and abroad.

Highlights for:

- Festival Jazz na Fábrica 2010 – SESC Pompéia – SP
- Circuito de SESCs do interior de SP
- Festival Jazz a la Calle 2014 – Mercedes – Uruguai
- Café Vinilo 2014 – Buenos Aires – Argentina
- Instrumental SESC Brasil – São Paulo – SP - 2014
- Circuito SESC de Santa Catarina – 2014
- Show de abertura da FEMUCIC – Maringá – PR - 2015
- Santos Jazz Festival – 2015
- Virada Cultural de São Paulo – 2015
- Lençóis Jazz Festival – São Luís – MA – 2015
- Turnê Argentina e Chile (8 shows) - 2016
- Festival Jazz a la Calle 2017 – Mercedes – Uruguai
- Festival de Jazz de Tucuman - Argentina

Few had any interest in exploring this subject, inserted in all segments of Brazilian culture. With the Sexteto, André wants to bring to the public, an original music that only Brazil has.

André Marques Sexteto has 3 CDs: "Sexteto", "Plural" and "DiverCidades"








Bassist, composer, arranger and professor, Marcel Bottaro has shared stages with big names such as Hermeto Pascoal, Inezita Barroso, Nenê, Vinícius Dorin, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Fabio Leal among others. He is a frequent collaborator of André Marques (pianist for “Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo”)

As a composer and arranger, he had his first work recorded in 2017, with the album titled "Boas Vindas", with a septet lineup. As a composer and arranger, he released his first recorded work in 2017 with an album called "Welcome" with a septet.

Aside from the septet, Bottaro composes for different formations and has written tunes for trio, quartet and quintet.

Currently he develops activities as a professor for courses and group workshops, all related to “Universal” music. He also gives free lessons and On-Line classes on the upright bass.








Drummer Fúlvio Moraes has played alongside great names of Brazilian music such as, Danilo Caymmi, Hermeto Pascoal, Arismar do Espirito Santo, Hamilton de Holanda, Tiago do Espirito Santo, Fernando Correa, Léa Freire, Rodrigo Botter Maio, Paulo Freire, Laércio de Freitas, Toninho Ferraguti, Lupa Santiago, Sizão Machado, Edmundo Villani Cortes, André Marques, Gabriel Grossi, Rusty Burge (USA), Aldo Salvent (CUB), Ed Neumeister (USA) and more.

He is a member of the André Marques Sexteto and has played in Vintena Brasileira and the Tatuí Jazz Combo.







Playing both electric and acoustic guitar, Guilherme Fanti graduated from the Conservatório de Tatuí. He started Grupo Cincado, with which he has 2 releases: “Cincadeando” from 2011 and “Novos Rumos” in 2014. He was also a member of “Vintena Brasileira” a group with which he recorded two CDs.

In 2009 he was a finalist of the Guarulhos Instrumental Festival with the song “Vila Amélia.

In 2017 he released his debut as a leader called “Casa Nova”, as a quartet. Currently, he is a member of the André Marques Sexteto and has played with Hamilton de Holanda, Hermeto Pascoal, Raul de Souza, Francis Hime, Danilo Caymmi, Jairzinho Oliveira and more.




FABIO OLIVA – Trombone



Trombonist, Fábio Oliva is a member of the instrumental groups Noneto de Casa, André Marques Sexteto, Marcel Bottaro Quintet, Nelson Ayres Big Band, Orquestra Urbana Big Band, Hermeto Pascoal Big Band and more.

His musical experiences consist of participations in shows by singers such as Elza Soares, Rosa Passos e Lenny Andrade and performing with renowned names such as Toninho Ferraguti, Vinicius Dorin, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Sizão Machado, Laércio de Freitas, Miles Osland, Paulo Freire, Ricardo Herz, Rodrigo Botter Maio, Rodrigo Ursaia, Tiago do Espiríto Santo, Vittor Santos, Lupa Santiago and more.







Trumpeter, Diego Garbin has had the opportunity to play along great names of Brazilian music such as Vinicius Dorin, Maestro Branco, Hermeto Pascoal, Thiago do Espírito Santo, Marcos Paiva, André Marques, Mario Campos, Itibere Zwarg, Cleber Almeida, Fabio Gouveia, J P Barbosa, Trio Corrente, Humberto Araújo, Nailor Proveta, Ademir Junior, Marcelo Coelho, Daniel Alcantara, Vitor Alcantara, Nelson Faria, Sizão Machado, Gilson Piranzatta, Mauro Senise, Vittor Santos, Jorginho do Trompete, Lenny Andrade, Miles Osland, Altair Martins, and more, participating in numerous Festivals in Brazil and abroad.

He is currently a member of the Conservatório de Tatuí Big Band, Hermeto Pascoal Big Band, Fabio Gouveia Tentet, Noneto de Casa, Cleber Almeida Septet, André Marques Sexteto, Paulo Almeida Quintet and the Salomão Soares Quartet.